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Kiss and Tell - Toronto [entries|friends|calendar]

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sweet [18 Nov 2010|02:22am]

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It's summer. Well, it's spring, but it's summer. [11 May 2004|04:17pm]
The sun is beating down on us now, and it's hot, but I don't think anybody is complaining. Even if this hasn't been a terribly long winter, the end sure seemed to drag on.

I'm a big fan of the cute girl with the red nose and pink cheeks framed by a wooly scarf and knitted toque, even if you can't see her figure through the layers of clothes. The anticipation which builds when peeling those layers away is incredible and the feeling of the cool air on your naked flesh is amazing. Goosebumps are delicious. But I'll still take summer over winter any day.

I may be something of a pervert, but I'm not a letch, and I don't gawk, but, yes but, the sweat and the heat of the summer sidewalk is made so much sweater by the skin which is bared by all who pass by. Low cut tank tops. Light, bright flower print dresses. Shorts. Skirts. Knees. Ankles. Calves. Shoulders. Elbows. Eyebrows peeking over sunglasses. Shiny foreheads and beads of sweat gathering on the upper lip.

Basement apartments get very humid in the summer time in Toronto. On the one hand it's cooler because there's no direct sunlight, and all the warm air rises to your landlord upstairs, but there's little ventilation and the moisture just clings to the tiled floors.

You dragged me to a dance club, and I wasn't happy to be there, but you were buying my drinks, and you were wearing a silver skirt and a tight red top, so i didn't mind too much. You were pretty happy to just dance with your friends for a while, but as last call approached and people were starting to leave the club, I guess you began to feel embarrassed to be with such a stick in the mud.

You pulled me off the seat and demanded that I dance with you. I never dance, and I barely did anything while you twisted and shook your head and moved your hands about in front of us. You backed yourself into me and wiggled your backside against me. I didn't like the music one bit, but it had a good beat, and you seemed to enjoy it, so I moved along with you. I started to get hard from the friction between us, and backed away from you a little, embarrassed. You knew what was happening though, and moved back against me. You took my hands and held them on your waist. We swayed from side to side together, then you bent your knees and put all your weight against me.

You knew exactly what that was doing to me.

You came down on the bus from Guelph the night before and I met you at Union Station. We walked to my place, talking all the way up to St. Claire and Mt. Pleasant. It's a far way to walk, and it's all up hill. By the time we got to my place we were both tired, and we just went to sleep next to eachother on my futon. I left my window open for the air flow and the somehow comforting sound of nighttime traffic. The smell of our sweat filled my small room and I wanted to hold you against me then, but you were asleep.

The cab driver wished me "good luck" as we got out in front of my place after we left the dance club. That's just what our friend had said when I told her you were coming to visit for the weekend.

We took our shoes off just inside the door and walked down into the kitchen. I poured us a couple of tall glasses of cold water and we gulped them down with our eyes moving all over each other's bodies.

I sat on a stool at the bar dividing the kitchen and the hallway, and you sat at the kitchen table. You finished your water and came towards me. I put down my glass and you moved in between my knees and put your hands on my hips. You smiled a little smile and your eyes gleamed like light through a fountain.
"Did you have fun tonight?" you asked.
"Sure," I said, "it was a pretty good time. Not as bad as I thought it would be."
"'Pretty good' eh? It felt to me like you were having more than just a 'pretty good' time."

You moved in closer and took off my glasses. I leaned forward and kissed you lips. The sweat on our lips combined and trickled down into our mouths. It was sweet and we opened our mouths for more. I got off the stool and stood against you. Our mouths gaped and closed upon each other, our tongues brushed against the other's lips and we drank each other in. Your leg moved between my legs. My leg moved between your legs. We pressed our bodies, our mouths and lips together. Our hands move up underneath our damp clothes and over our slick backs.

We moved into the bedroom and drenched my sheets in the sweat that only summer sex can create.
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[11 May 2004|02:00pm]
Girls sucking on melting popsicles.
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ice [09 May 2004|12:15am]
Let out a long line of smoke, the length of her leg, curled into the beeze and left me. Through the window, only the hollow sound of her heels moving away, away, and silence.

Left in the chair, still warm and pressed, from what was only once tonight, an action of forbearance perhaps, a little too long and not long enough, never enough. Uncertain but direct, an intercourse wavering only in long looks, strong and intended on the skin. The smoothest skin. Like an iced canal, curving slowly and then back again, cool from the winter quiet. I receive so much peace from following it, at my leisure, cutting sharply into it, inside, at home. The chill of our meetings keeps me warmer than anything else, keeps me kind, breathing noticeably. The edge of her lip pulls to the end of the earth and it is there that we are ...melted.
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The Beginning of the Start [08 May 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | curious ]

It's always tough. It takes a lot of emotional committment to make that first move, but all it takes a little shift of weight in the right direction to get things rolling.

So this is me leaning over my pint and straining to listen a little more carefully to the story you're telling me. The music is a little too loud, but I really want to hear how this plays out. It's turning me on. The anticipation is as foamy as the head on my beer. It's just a story, and you're probably making up bits and pieces of it, details you probably forgot, but I don't care. Words can be pretty damn powerful. I can't wait for the climax, but I don't want you to get there too quickly either.

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[08 May 2004|10:58pm]
i feel hot.
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