addie vance (add_vance) wrote in kissandtellto,
addie vance


Let out a long line of smoke, the length of her leg, curled into the beeze and left me. Through the window, only the hollow sound of her heels moving away, away, and silence.

Left in the chair, still warm and pressed, from what was only once tonight, an action of forbearance perhaps, a little too long and not long enough, never enough. Uncertain but direct, an intercourse wavering only in long looks, strong and intended on the skin. The smoothest skin. Like an iced canal, curving slowly and then back again, cool from the winter quiet. I receive so much peace from following it, at my leisure, cutting sharply into it, inside, at home. The chill of our meetings keeps me warmer than anything else, keeps me kind, breathing noticeably. The edge of her lip pulls to the end of the earth and it is there that we are ...melted.
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